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Tess executive chef wins YP Week food competition


Martin Magana, executive chef at Tess on Milwaukee’s East Side, took home $5,000 after winning Newaukee’s inaugural Food Prize competition on Thursday.

The YP Week event, new to this year’s lineup, featured four Milwaukee-based chefs– Chris Xiong of Mason Street Grill, Elijah Loebbaka of Birch + Butcher, Aj Dixon of Lazy Susan in Bay View and Magana of Tess — who were each given $500 to create and serve their “personal food mission statement on a plate” for the event’s 200 attendees. 

“This event is about honoring our chefs,” said Jeremy Fojut, co-founder of Newaukee. “I think a lot of times, we drive past a building in our community and we know the restaurant’s name, but we don’t know who the chef is.”

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