Project Description


When most people hear, “Madison” they think of the University, the Badgers, and the Capitol. This city is SO much more than that (but you really can’t beat a Badger Saturday!). Madison is a vibrant, cultural hub of art, music, food and beer. Our downtown is sandwiched between two lakes (i.e. an isthmus) which compresses all of these amazing things into a small, accessible geographic area. The food & beer/spirits scene on the Capitol Square and on State Street can rival any major metropolis. And the live music scene is insane – with the amount of venues and local talent, you can’t find a night without a concert. On top of all of this, our city and surrounding area is very active. We’re bicycle friendly and have stunning trails like Cap City and the Lake Monona Loop for cyclists and runners alike. Madison is a melting pot of culture, diversity, cuisine, hobbies, athletics and more. Once you get a chance to explore this city, you’ll never stay home no matter what the forecast is!