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The term “public infrastructure” is increasingly associated with a negative public opinion. In the news, there’s frequent discussion of decaying roads, overflowing sewers, lead pipes and inefficient public transit. But how did we get here? And why is nothing being done about it? In this session, we talk about how inclusive and accessible public infrastructure benefits everyone. From light rails to green spaces and even public broadband systems, we prove that investing in public infrastructure doesn’t just address mundane, practical problems – it reinvents our cities for a more equitable future.

About the Speaker:

 Ani Grigorian
Founder / Disability Access Consulting Manager
Ani G LLC / Detroit Disability Power

Ani G is a geriatric social worker turned community & systems designer improving how we move throughout and interact with our built environments. Ani believes that the key to life is being able to do what we have always been doing, no matter how our ability changes as we grow older. With her consulting firm, Ani gets to work with people across industries and sectors impacting how we think and design with accessibility, age, and disability at the core of initiatives. Ani’s more recent projects aim to increase access within arts & culture organizations with organizations like Red Bull Arts Detroit and Allied Media Projects/Conference. She also supports Detroit Disability Power as their Disability Access Consulting Manager.

Ani grew up moving around the world with family living in England, South Africa, Argentina, and China while studying and working in Spain and Nicaragua. Her early exposure to a global world at a young age enabled her to recognize the power of diverse cultures and the pressing need to create barrier-free infrastructure in our societies. Ani is currently the Co-Vice Curator for the Global Shaper’s Detroit Hub, a community of the World Economic Forum.