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Join us for a laid-back discussion over coffee and bagels as we dive into the soft skills that can take your career to the next level.

A recent article named creativity as the most in-demand soft skill for 2019, spurring some critical thinking about soft skills and how young professionals can sharpen those skills to make themselves more marketable in their careers, whether that’s in a traditionally more creative or more technical role.
Hiring for creativity, time management, and adaptability has been the key to our growth in the last year, despite our daily tasks being based largely around our expertise in hard/technical skills. We’ll discuss the importance of keeping hard and soft skills out of silos – whether you are a technical guru or a creative brainstormer, an entrepreneur or part of a well-founded organization, a seasoned expert or a newbie – and you’ll learn how you can incorporate both into whatever role you hold.

You will hear from two young professionals from the Continuus team: one who is a business intelligence/data science engineer, and another who is a designer/marketer and a creative entrepreneur on the side. They will share their different career experiences and insights, as well as the similarities in how both hard and soft skills have helped them start their young careers off on the right foot.

The goal of this event is to create a constructive group conversation that explores the skills important in today’s professional world and practical tactics to develop those skills.