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Did you know that 98 percent of millionaires track their expenses to the penny?Or that 44 percent of Americans don’t have a budget?

Do you REALLY know how much money you spend every month?

-What about your daily stop at Starbucks or favorite coffee house? Do you track the monthly cost of your daily pick-me-up?
-Or for a couple of beers after work?
-Or for eating out?

And what about your savings?
-Do you have enough money in your emergency fund?
-Do you even have an emergency fund?
-Are you saving for retirement?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you REALLY need to be at this event. We’ve put together a dynamic team to teach you the art and science of budgeting and get you on the path to building wealth.


KASEY SIPIORSKI – CLTC and Financial Advisor
Kasey is passtionate about the work he does as a financial advisor. While in school, Kasey felt like there was little to no financial education. In church, he often heard the message, “Be a good steward with your money,” but didn’t feel any information was given on how to do this. His parents said, “Save your money,” but that was followed with little detail or guidance. Kasey is honored to serve as a resource to individuals, families and companies. His job is to educate, inform and help his clients understand what it means to make informed financial decisions, be a good steward and save efficiently.

Connection, Direction and Dedication are the core of his business. Connection with people is Kasey’s priority; it’s about the client and what they want to accomplish. Direction is working together to determine the best plan of action for each individual. Dedication is his pledge to review and revise as needed to ensure the strategy implemented adapts to life’s many changes.

WAYNE GRIESBACH – Excutive Director
Wayne received his bachelor’s degree in economics and business and his master’s in counseling. He was employed for three years with a fortune 500 company, International Harvester Credit Corp., and 25 years as an owner and manager of a New Holland equipment dealership. He also worked for one year as a mental health therapist for middle school children. Wayne served as a business counselor for the nonprofit, ADVOCAP, and is currently in his fifth year as the executive director of two nonprofit agencies, Consumer Credit Counseling and Advocacy Programs.