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NEWaukee designs memorable in-person experiences that create a beacon of belonging inside the communities and companies we work with.

We call our collective method “social architecture” – the conscious design of an environment that encourages a desired range of social behaviors leading toward a goal. Through our programs and initiatives, we motivate participants to look critically at the place in which they live, to realize its potential and to empower folks to shape their own community.

YPWeek is perfect example of our method applied to a simple premise – changing the the way young people connect to their hometown. What started as an exploration of only Milwaukee, has grown exponentially over the years.


In the next evolution of this internationally acclaimed program, NEWaukee invites communities across the United States to join the movement. The goal is to unite a national network of young professionals and aspiring community leaders to learn and grow from one another. Participants vary from independent community leaders, organizers or creatives to established young professional organizations. Multiple individuals and/or organizations can plan and host programs within the same community either independently or as a collective team.

For more information about participating in YPWeek, please email us at



Join our community and become part of the movement alongside a network of young professionals and aspiring community leaders.